Edward Lee


Died: October 21, 1903    Burial No. 141

Buffalo Soldier Edward Lee is brilliantly portrayed by Omar Reed. Omar is a historic interpreter at the Fort Gibson Museum in Ft. Gibson, OK and is a military veteran. Edward Lee was a soldier in Company H, 25th U.S. Infantry and was in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. They were know as the Walk-a-Heaps because they walked where ever they went.  The 25th Infantry proved to be better than other Infantry and Cavalry units in the United States Army.  The desertion rate for the 25th Infantry was the lowest of other army units.  The men who joined the 25th  did so to better themselves financially and to learn to read and write.  He died in 1903 and the cause of his death is unknown. Lee is one of fifteen Buffalo Soldiers buried in the Fort Reno Post Cemetery.

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