Fort Reno Visitor Center Historic Interpreter Woodson Whitebird has been portraying the Arapaho Scout Chalk  for the last several years. Chalk died at Fort Reno after being wounded in the Dull Knife campaign. Woodson also portrays Dull Knife in the Ft. Reno Candlelight Tour held on the second Saturday of May.

Died: May 13, 1881   Burial No. 23

Chalk is a translation of the Arapaho word Charcoal.  Chalk was an Arapaho Scout who served the Cavalry at Fort Reno and Camp Supply.  He was injured in the Battle of Turkey Springs which began shortly after Chalk located the horses of Dull Knife’s camp.  Many Cheyenne and Arapaho men served as scouts for the military in the 1880’s.  Most enlisted for three to six months at Fort Reno, Fort Sill and Camp Supply.

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