Cavalry & Infantry

The success of the military camp at Fort Reno in 1874 led to the establishment of a 9,493 acre permanent military reservation. Fort Reno, as a military post, was home base for Cavalry and Infantry units of the United States Army from 1875 to 1907. The Territorial status and diversified peoples and factions in the surrounding lands created a bustling community at Fort Reno made up of enlisted men, officers, and civilians.

The soldiers at Fort Reno were often dispatched into the Unassigned Lands where Oklahoma City is now located to remove David Payne and the Boomers from their settlements. Fort Reno soldiers also helped to keep order along the 89th Meridian, a marker of which is located in El Reno at the Canadian County Historical Museum, prior to the land run of April 22,1889.

As a result of our Cavalry Days, Fort Reno was home to some famous horses, most notably Black Jack, who was the riderless horse in John Kennedy’s funeral.